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Master Your Stress, Reclaim Your Life

How many balls do you have in the air right now? You can reduce your stress, reclaim your health and feel more energized.



Hi, I'm Roxanne Hill, Certified Holistic Well-being Coach and Mind/Body Practitioner

I am the Head Juggler at Mind Juggle. Like many people, I spent years trying to balance a busy corporate career and still be the perfect mother, wife, name it. I know it's overwhelming! But if you're ready to break free of stress and worry, I can help you find a healthier and more meaningful path forward.

How I Can Help

Mind Juggle programs combine neuroscience, functional nutrition and mindfulness tools to interrupt your current patterns of stress and fatigue and get you feeling more like yourself again.

Detox From Stress

The demands of work and personal life have you running on a hamster wheel of never-ending busyness. I can help you break the cycle of chronic stress so you can truly relax, regenerate and find your inspiration in life again. You deserve it!

Restore Mind/Body Connection

Our thoughts can literally create emotions that get stored in our bodies at a cellular level. Discover how mindfulness and neuroscience techniques can free you from the stress and worry holding you back from a healthy mind/body connection.

Build a Healthy Brain and Body

It's not just your mental well-being that suffers due to stress. You can build better nutrition habits that will give you more energy, increase your resilience to illness and get you feeling good again - inside and out. Take a truly holistic approach to making change.

Smiling Woman with Curly Hair
Mother and Daughter Meditating

What clients say...

“I enjoyed this experience! The coaching was very enlightening and I have already used what I was taught to enhance my life .”

Cathy H., Canada

"It was such a lovely experience to have Roxanne focus her attention on me, and actively listen and be interested in what I had to say. We discussed my challenge, and things I could do to change it - all in a positive way."

Monique D., New Zealand

“I looked forward to our sessions because Roxanne was really great to talk to. I always felt more calm and clearer about what I need to do after having spoken to her. She really helped me to get clear on my goals and work through things in a positive way.” 

Brigitte K., Canada

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