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Prioritize Your Energy

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

So the other night I found myself cooking another in a series of creative family meals, making tzatziki sauce from scratch - something I haven’t had the time or inclination to do in years. Thanks COVID-19! I suddenly wondered if this is the kind of Mom I had denied my kids of all these years in order to have a career? The truth is, I was the Mom buying cupcakes and then re-boxing them in home Tupperware for the class party...telling my kids I wasn’t the ‘baking type’ and that their friends wouldn’t care as long as there were enough cupcakes for all. I started to wonder whether these were just rationalizations and whether I had actually just failed my kids in the long run. It was never my intention to be ‘that Mom.’ I had planned to be the Mom that does it all - keeps men on their toes in the boardroom, makes the cupcakes from scratch and still finds time to be there for my friends and extended family when they needed me. In the end, did I teach my kids to strive for mediocre instead of great? That it’s ok to cut corners and their stuff wasn’t that important to me??

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